Is it just me, or has anyone else discovered, to their dismay, that the usual methodologies of ‘happy thoughts’ haven’t been manifesting their desires?

And, for those of you who’ve discovered that to be the case, a) I’m so sorry and b) have any of you also discovered that there was a time (or three or nine) where you manifested a desire using pure rage as the modus operandi – perhaps without realizing it at the time?  Think back….

Oh come on!  Surely I can’t be the only one?

Doesn’t it simply fly in the face of conventional ‘positive thinking’ teachings?  

Yes. Yes, it does.

So what gives – and where do people like me (‘us’?)  fit into the greater scheme of New Age schools of thought in this ‘manifesting desires’ business?

I have absolutely no idea and no answers, but I can recount at least four occasions where, in hindsight and looking back over old journal entries, pure rage fuelled the focus of my desires and they manifested within a matter of weeks – and at least once, that I can recall, instantaneously.

However, the times where I’ve attempted to utilize one or other New Age method, I’ve felt very distinct, internal, ‘oh get real, will you!’ energies, and it rather goes without saying that nothing happened.

No, I haven’t won a lottery (yet *grin*), but an ex partner, struck by these ‘miraculous’ manifestations, urged me to try for a lottery win. Of course, at the time, neither of us thought to take into account what was backing them up; we’d merely looked back over my journal entries, saw what I’d written down, marvelled at how each one manifested in minute detail so quickly (within a few weeks – the longest took six weeks), and assumed that all I had to do was write out what I wanted – and – hey, presto!


Ex-partner was a bit of an astrology wizz and so pulled out his trusty Ephemeris one day (before we had a pc), just out of curiosity, to check planetary aspects against my natal chart on the dates I’d written the entries (I usually put the date and time before each entry).  There was one aspect that seemed to be present in each instance (I don’t remember what it was now), but when he forecast the next ‘favourable’ aspect and asked me to do it again, this time for a lottery win – well, no prizes for guessing that it simply didn’t work (pun intended).

The problem was that neither of us thought to take into account my emotional state in those instances; it was anger, heightened to the point of rage.  Favourable planetary configurations or not, if the rage isn’t there, and if it doesn’t match the desire, nothing’s going to happen.

We were financially comfortable at the time, so even had I been aware of anger being my ‘magic wand’, I’d not have been able to invoke it, no matter what.  I simply must feel pure rage for desires to manifest, it seems.  That’s fine when it’s spontaneous and quite real, but have you ever tried forcing yourself to feel real, genuine, honest-to-goodness rage?

So what do I mean by ‘match the desire’?  Simply put, feeling enraged over a real and current circumstance that I demand be changed to a more desirable one.  Or, feeling so fed up about something that I become absolutely enraged and demand it’s opposite – in writing – and in minute detail.

For me, there’s little point in desiring something that has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m feeling enraged about  – for example – anger at someone after an argument -vs- wanting to move to a different location.  It doesn’t work that way for me.  If I’m angry with someone, then the focus would be on a peaceful resolution (ironic, when it’s fuelled by rage!).   Likewise, if I want to move to a new location – pure rage over the current location.

And then I grab my journal and write, write, write!  Not ‘pleases’, but demands. For example, “I WANT ….” and then spill my anger over the pages, including every tiny detail I can think of that I want to accompany the ‘want’.

Once my anger is spent, I close up the journal and go about my business.

In every past instance, I’ll feel a ‘pull’ to do something – not a conscious pull and not a thought in the back of my mind that’s easily ignored, but an almost obsession to ring someone, do something, or go somewhere – and then, almost before I realize it, the manifestation is taking place.

I’m no expert, but I tend to think there’s a great deal of dynamic energy behind rage and that, contrary to many mindsets today (that rage and anger are ‘bad’ and ‘must be dealt with’), it can be used to make life better.

Call me crazy (perhaps I am!) but I’m inclined to think that anger and rage could be rather potent resources for dream manifestation.

Anyone else a ‘Rage-Manifester’?

Storm Crow